Rayner software

Rayner Software produces Mac and iPhone consumer applications

FlightKit. Aircraft navigation app for iPad.

FlightKit features VFR charts with live overlays, A/FD, plates, weather,
airspace, route planning and GPS tracking all in one iPad app.

  • User interface
    UI comes first in FlightKit. Virtually all the app's features are accessible directly from the chart view. Routing, weather, and documents are never more than a few taps away.
  • Performance
    FlightKit is built to perform. Utilizing OpenGL for maximum performance, FlightKit has the technical underpinnings of a game with the utility of an app. You'll feel the difference.
  • Offline storage
    A charting app is no good unless you can use it without an Internet connection, so FlightKit caches all its charts for offline use. PDF documents are cached after they're initially viewed.

FlightKit is free for the first 15 days.
After that, a subscription costs either $49.99 for a year or $19.99 for three months. With an active account, you can download unlimited charts and documents.