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FlightKit. Aircraft navigation app for iPad.

FlightKit features VFR charts with live overlays, A/FD, plates, weather, airspace, route planning and GPS tracking all in one iPad app.

User interface

UI comes first in FlightKit. Virtually all the app's features are accessible directly from the chart view. Routing, weather, and documents are never more than a few taps away.


FlightKit is built to perform. Utilizing OpenGL for maximum performance, FlightKit has the technical underpinnings of a game with the utility of an app. You'll feel the difference.

Offline storage

A charting app is no good unless you can use it without an Internet connection, so FlightKit caches all its charts for offline use. PDF documents are cached after they're initially viewed.


FlightKit is free for the first 15 days. After that, a subscription costs either $49.99 for a year or $19.99 for three months. With an active account, you can download unlimited charts and documents.

Demo Video


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Rich chart graphics

FlightKit includes all U.S. VFR Sectional and Terminal Aeronautical Charts in high-resolution.
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Airport/VOR Info

Touch any airport or VOR to view its documents, weather, or add it to your route.
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HUD and Loupe

Touch the HUD button and you'll get a view of your current vector, as well as an altitude history graph and the three nearest VORs for triangulation.

Touch and hold on the map to bring up the magnifying loupe.
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A/FD and Plates

The current A/FD and plates are easily accessed by their associated airport or navaid. They are locally cached after first viewing, for offline reference.
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3D Airspace View

FlightKit provides the first-ever interactive 3D view of airspace. See restricted, warning, and controlled airspace with altitudes in 3D.
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3D Airspace View

Zoom, rotate, tilt and toggle airspace modes for an in-depth viewing experience.
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The weather overlay shows the latest METAR and TAF for the three nearest weather stations.
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Route Planning

Simply drag your finger along the route you want to fly, and FlightKit intelligently creates waypoints for you. Touch and hold a waypoint to move it. Drag a waypoint on top of another to delete it.

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