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Rayner Software produces Mac and iPhone consumer applications

Let your Internet take you anywhere.

NetShade is a Proxy and VPN service for the Mac and iOS.

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Watch overseas videos, surf anonymously, and secure your Internet traffic from eavesdroppers.
Choose between a Proxy or VPN connection, or combine the two for maximum security and anonymity. NetShade makes it easy.

Experience a higher class of proxy & VPN service

If you have some experience with the proxy and VPN services out there, you probably know that it’s a pretty mixed field. Many of them have overloaded servers, foist advertising and redirects on their users, use bait & switch pricing tactics, and impose restrictive bandwidth caps. If you’ve been there, you're not alone. And since you're now here, you’ve found the alternative. Welcome home. We’ve built our customer base through old-fashioned, fair and transparent business practices including a 30 day refund policy, a 10 day unlimited trial period, and a focus on consistent improvement of our product.

Mac+iOS native

We focus exclusively on the Mac and iOS platforms to deliver the best user experience.

Won’t jack your Mac

NetShade is cleanly coded and lightweight.


Servers in 7 countries and counting.

Two services in one

Use VPN when you need encryption, and the faster Proxy service when you don't.

Always unlimited data

Bandwidth caps are frustrating. We don't have them.

Proven infrastructure

We've been running proxy servers for 10 years.