Rayner software

Rayner Software produces Mac and iPhone consumer applications

VPN and Proxy for Mac and iOS.

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Watch overseas videos, surf anonymously, and secure your Internet traffic from eavesdroppers.
NetShade makes it easy.

Your Internet, everywhere.

With NetShade, you connect to the Internet through the server of your choice. Access content overseas, and protect your privacy online. NetShade runs 13 servers in 7 different countries.

Now with IPv6.

IPv6 is the Internet of the future. NetShade 7 gives you access to IPv6 right now, even if your Internet provider doesn't support it yet. NetShade 7 is all you need to access to the entire IPv6 Internet. Open up new routing possibilities, and unblock previously inaccessible content. Learn more about IPv6

A higher class of proxy & VPN service.

If you’ve had bad luck with slow, unreliable, fly-by-night VPN providers in the past, we’re glad you found us. NetShade has been in operation for 15 years, and over that time we’ve build a reputation of trust and reliability with our customers. We take pride in the quality of our app, and the integrity and reliability of our services.

Mac+iOS native

We focus exclusively on the Mac and iOS platforms to deliver the best user experience.

Won’t jack your Mac

NetShade is cleanly coded and lightweight.


Servers in 7 countries and counting.

Two services in one

Use VPN when you need encryption, and the faster Proxy service when you don't.

Always unlimited data

Bandwidth caps are frustrating. We don't have them.

Proven infrastructure

We've been running proxy servers for 15 years.